Click the link to view a list of some of the meetings currently being held. This list will be updated as we receive information on new meetings - please check regularly.

If you are running an online meeting, and would like to help the suffering alcoholic by sharing your group on this site, then please contact us through our email form

If you wish to join a meeting please have the Zoom Cloud Meetings app installed on your smartphone/laptop/tablet/computer. You must also sign up within the app through Facebook or Google account, or use your email to create an account
You can download Zoom from the apple App store or Google Play, or download it from Zoom at this link.
Then click on the meeting you wish to join in the Meetings page, and it will automatically open Zoom at the meeting.

This site is under active construction. We hope to create a simple directory site of online meetings. In addition, we will provide information for members on how to use the Zoom Cloud Meetings app - the preferred platform for hosting online meetings

This website is not affiliated with the structure of A.A. in Ireland, and is not endorsed or opposed by the General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous in Ireland. For information on Alcoholics Anonymous in Ireland please click here.

Individual members who would like to make a 7th Tradition financial contribution to GSO in Ireland may do so here:
7th Tradition Contribution

A.A. in the digital age has certainly taken on a new meaning in these challenging times.    -    GSO March 19th 2020.

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