Do you set up meetings?

No. This website only lists meetings set up by AA members. We don't establish, advise on, or run, AA meetings. We are a directory only. We do not publish personal information, GSO group numbers, or any other type of meetings other than Zoom.

Do you advise groups on format, or how they run their meetings?

No. Groups are autonomous, they are solely responsible for their meetings. We do not interfere in how groups conduct meetings. That is a matter for the groups.

Help! Our meeting was zoom bombed etc.

There is a page here on securing AA meetings on zoom. We do not advise groups individually or on behalf of people contacting us. Groups are responsible for running safe meetings through following simple suggestions for security.

If you would like your group added to the Meetings page, please supply your Group, URL link, Day of meeting, Time of meeting, Type of meeting. Thank you.